Teleporterman V2
This is the second version of my game Teleporterman. 

After the first version of the game was featured on the frontpage of newgrounds, I decided to improve the game.

I wanted to improve the graphics by scaling up the size of the game, and put more details in the sprites. I also improved the controls and gameplay.
I also used this version for an assignment of my second year Game design class. The assignment was to implement a storyline in the game by using elements of the "Story of the hero". 
Teleporterman V1
This is the first version of Teleporterman. 

I made this game as an assignement for my first year Game design class. It got a 9/10 (A-) as grade.
I decided to put the game on, and people saw the potential of the game. So it was featured on the frontpage for three days.