Magnetic force
Magneticforce is a co-op puzzle platform game on the Xbox360, and is playable with the Kinect. The game is about two robots who are stuck inside a factory. The robots have heard of the outside world and dreamed of escaping the factory, so they can live in the beautiful outside world. 

Inorder to escape the robots have to work together, and use their ability to alter the magnetic forces, to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. But the factory doesn't want the robots to escape and discover that the outside world isn't as beautiful as they thought.

Magneticforce was a halve year project called PEG (project entertainment game). The assignement was to create a game for Xbox360, PC or Mobile devices. We choose to make Magneticforce for the Xbox, and we got an extra assignement to make te game compatible with Kinect.

The game got a 10/10 (A+) as grade, and won third price by the jury.